"It is now up to you, and we will support you - that my past does not become your future." Elie Wiesel


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Appointments can be made at office@hausdernamen.at.

Educational program

The exhibition is divided into three modules, each of them with a different thematic focus.  By structural separation of these areas, guided tours can be scheduled to cover the entire community center, while it is also possible to have in-depth workshops at selected stations. 


In the synagogue the most important symbols, rituals and festive events can be discussed. The background knowledge which is provided on this floor is used to reduce shyness and the possible strangeness of the location and additionally should illuminate the connections to other religions and belief systems. The customs and traditions of the Jewish faith will be explained using the architecture of the synagogue.  Ritual objects of the Jewish faith will be presented and used to illustrate the explanations of the tour guide.    


Two young people from Graz, Adele and Bertl and are initially presented.  They will guide the visitors through the Holocaust. The stories of these two subjects guide us through the most important events, which were chosen based on their historical and local relevance, in order to make this dark chapter of history a little more tangible, thus complementing the exhibits by a subjective approach.


Simplistically acting ideologies like anti-Semitism or racism should be opposed here with a modern, cosmopolitan concept of culture, characterized by cross-border networks and social interdependency.  People must be assessed as individuals and not according to an arbitrary association to a group which they belong to. An introspective look at the complexities and connections of our cultural identities leaves only one alternative - we are all one.