A story of two children from Graz during the Holocaust


With "Bertl & Adele", the history of the Holocaust can be told and explained to schoolchildren (and adults too) from a child's perspective based on the two fates.

Bertl Kaufmann survived and was able to tell his story to his family himself. Adele Kurzweil died in the concentration camp, only her suitcase was found. Her story has been reconstructed and is retold in memory of all the victims.

The documentary is made available free of charge for educational purposes.
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About the project


The exhibition "Bertl & Adele" (designed by uwe kohlhammer) was installed as an exhibition in the Museum of History of the Universalmuseum Joanneum in Graz until 2022 and has made a significant contribution to Holocaust education and the prevention of anti-Semitism in Styria in recent years.

Based on the exhibition, the "House of Names - Holocaust and Tolerance Center" and HENX Filmproduktion have created a documentary in 9 chapters, allowing the exhibition to be experienced within a new medium. The chapters are available as individual films (5-15 minutes each) or as a complete film.


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