Bertl & Adele

The exhibition „Bertl & Adele“ is based on three columns:

The Prologue shows the Jewish life before 1938 in Austria/Germany in the exhibition “eine mühsam(e) Geschichte” and your area is shown.

“The Journey into the Unknown” tells the story of Bertl and Adele, two children from Graz in the time of the Holocaust. The story of the children leads us through the most important occurrences of this dark chapter of history, influenced by historical and local references.  The showpieces are thus understood with an individually access.

 Tolerance is the main Education Mandate in the final part “In The Web” of this exhibition. Ideologies based on simplifications, like Anti-Semitism or racism, shall be opposed by a modern, cosmopolitan concept of culture, marked by transboundary and social interdependence.

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